Yay  Miss. Swiftys album "speak now" will be out on october 25 and her single "mine" will be out in august!!!!!!!! congrats to her getting her own place!!!!!!!!!i love how each song is going to be a conffestion to a person. apperalntly taylor will live in main in a house will a whole bunch of cats!?!?
sparks fly will be on the 3rd album yay.......Taylor Fans are the most worthy fans of all. All over the word it will be relesed on october 25. lets try and get it the day it comes out. Wow 14 songs of Taylor love <3!!!!! fav summer outfit is the sun dress. and Taylor Swift if you are reading this i dont think wait no i know NONE of you fans think your abnoxis. going to antic stores and buying vauses for a hous that must be pretty. 
her fav memory on tour was playing in louisiana and one in boston both in stadium it was so wonderfull to do sound cheak in 2 stadiums. she stood with her band on this T shaped thrust. and her brother taking pictuers of them all looking back at the camera. she will frame it and hang it. Again if you are Reading this it means alot to us that you like it when us fans come say hi to you. her favorite type of coffee!?!?!  is starbucks she likes to get the ice caremal lattee what she drank when she was 16. picking the songs she will play them for Abigial, her mom and her band mates cause their appinion matters the most. she mostly likes what we like. she loves to coo and back she has so many cook book and it you wrote 100 ways to make cupcakes thats who would buy it Taylor! her favorite food is Japeness food. No acting plans for Taylor anytime soon but thats ok. on the things she gotten to do she loved working on the set of Valintimes day. Teen choice awards!!! nominations . And thank you Taylor we love you . CSI yay. ahe wants to be in another movie maybe 2013!!!!!! 
 um what song has Taylor wrote that havent been about her personal life!?!? and thing she dosent talk about her personal life she sings it. ohhhhhhh homemade. she is so crafty. moved to nashiville at 14 lucky!!!! room decorating advice. ohh mix match. pirate ship/ alice in wonder land / old antic store/ fortune tellers house/ tree house / bird cage/ garden/ very mix match things! 13!!! floor stoped on floor 13...... in studio nathen champoin has 13 letters in name....... good omin....... LUCKY 13!!!!!!! A hug from taylor swift thing that was so funny.was fun to watch. memorial gifts........a whole room to gifts wow she must get alot spread the love.
a favorite gift was the puzzle peice project . meet and greet present thats so cool if you want to be apart of another present for taylor goto this link http://taylorswift.taylorconnect.com/forum/thread/17119/Ok_everyone_big_project_to_do_i_need_ur_help/1/802666#802666
ohhhh old pictures thats sooo cool umm yummy smelling candles. 2 meet and greets a show wow.busy girl!!!  we love you too TAYLOR