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I have been really busy because im going to be moving within a month. and then ill get my internet back up!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! so sorry havent updated in a while will soon tho :P

thank you for coming to Swift Things

Thank you for coming to Swift Things. I am really excited about this website i will take questions on any page. you can scroll down to see the top 13 reasons you should use swift things!

Top 13 reasons you should use Swift Things

     1. i know just about every thing you will ever want or need to know about Taylor Swift.
         2. you can leave questions or coments for me at any time and i will do my best to awnser.
         3. i have a bolg and will bolg once a week.
         4. i will update new taylor events. 
         5. a page on Taylor makeup tips.
         6. a page on Taylor's fav's.
         7. a page with Taylor swift   links.   
         9. Taylor swift lyrics for all albums
       10. i am on twitter (hairflipswift13 and taylorfacts4evr)
       11. will post taylor swift photos
       12. will update every two weeks
     13. who wouldnt 
want to vist a website 
all about Taylor Swift !?!?

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